risky business

Risky business.

That’s the first thing that came to mind when I initially started putting this post together. & oh! Before you ask, my skirt, probs not PTA mom approved LOL. Every now and then, I like to do something risky in relation to my outfit choices. Something that’s a bit off the norm, but not overly wild. 

However, before getting fully into deets on this skirt and all it’s risky business..


I can’t believe we’re already almost two weeks into October.

I feel like I was just chatting with you guys in one of my previous posts about accepting all the new month of September has to bring, and letting go of what August may have put you through.

& Now it’s October and I’m just over here wondering how time flies so dang fast.

School’s going pretty great as stressful as it can be at times, but I think I’ve managed to find a new balance this semester that works for me. I’m particularly excited that tomorrow, I will be exactly one month away from my 23rd birthday babes! Obvi you can imagine how over the moon I am. Currently, I’m going through all these thoughts as the day gets closer (as I do often), on what a new year of life will bring and what it might take away.

Am I the only person who gets super ‘reflective, engaged with sense of self, and zen‘ when their birthday is near?

Just me? Oh okay lol.

Besides, being reflective — the feen for birthdays in me is excited about celebrating and receiving so much love (+ presents on my special day) from true friends.

Note to friends and family: 23rd Birthday Wishlist is coming reeeeeeeal soon to the blog, so save them coins.


Enough of life updates, birthday celebrations, wishlists, and feeling reflective.

Keep reading for details on my, Risky Business Skirt + Burgundy Sweater.

risky business

risky business

risky business

risky business

So this look. 

Upon one of my few unnecessary trips to the mall (lord knows I’m a sucker for online shopping), I stumbled across this major slit skirt. It gave me serious, Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscars slit with a bit more risqué vibes.

I mean who doesn’t want to sort of walk in Angelina’s shoes, or rather slits? See what I did there, not very well, but take note of what I did there.

Though it may not be PTA mom approved, or my own mother approved — I love it. Yes it’s risqué and yes it’s daring, but you do what you want when it’s your money. Sorry mom! I paired the skirt with one of my fave fall sweaters from here to tone down the look a bit. I’m a firm believer that when it’s risky there (as in any part of your look), cover up elsewhere.

However because the skirt is meant for places like the club, daring events, and so forth — I’d most likely swap the sweater out for a bandeau top or spaghetti strap bodysuit.

risky business

risky business

risky business

risky business

Can you babes dig this risky business?

I’m now off to breakfast and then study session upon study session.

Wish me luck.

Thelms xx



Skirt: NO LONGER AVAILABLE (shop similar) 

Photos by Julia Elizabeth

risky business

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