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weekend last

You guys, I’m freeeeeeeeeee.

I took my last final for summer school today and I’m basically done! Well until the regular semester starts in two weeks, but who the freak’s counting?!

I definitely am not. 

I am so excited to let loose this weekend and party it up with my gal pals.

I am also excited to get working on a project that I can’t wait to share with you guys super soon. Make that two projects actually, that I’m working on. I’ve been neglecting them both because of school, but no more. I’m going full speed ahead, so I can have them both out to you guys before the end of September. I have a pretty pretty good feeling you guys are going to be into both.


Keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, let’s get into tonight’s post.

weekend last

weekend last

weekend last

weekend last

Now that weekends don’t consist of drowning in study guides, flashcards, and assignments — it’s definitely taken on a whole new meaning.

Granted, I always want the weekends to last because that means hiding from the real world for a few days. However, are you really ever hiding if you’re still doing real world shit on said weekend? I’d like to think not.

Since school is pretty much over (for now), I really want the weekends to last. After all, t-minus a week and three days or so before that real world shit comes rearing it’s ugly head.

The next question is how? How on Earth can we make weekends last longer. I mean like a an unsolvable math problem, I’ve tried to work out the figures in my head and nothing ever matches up.

Until now.

Keep reading for 5 Ways to Make the Weekend Last.

weekend last

weekend last

weekend last

weekend last

1. Try not to think about the weekend as something that will be out of reach in a few days. It all comes down to how we think of something that can change our perspective of said thing. They don’t call it mind over matter for nothing.

2. Make a schedule for your weekend. I’ve found that when I make plans for all the fun things I’m going to dabble in for those next few days, my time is utilized efficiently. I feel less of the dread that the weekend went by in the blink of an eye and I got nothing done. Instead, it gives me extreme satisfaction knowing that everything I planned to do, I did. It’s the best way to spend your time wisely.

3. Make specific plans for Friday night. Though this may seem like a no brainer, a lot of the times it doesn’t come to mind as easily. On Fridays because it’s still a weekday (partially), we tend to do two things,

1) Overhype the excitement we have about the weekend without actually having anything planned & 2) Let that final day of week drain us so much that we hit the sheets early with a promise to get wild the following night.

No no no babes. With those actions in play, you’ve easily just lot a night out of your weekend. Missing out on Friday night festivities can happen and does happen just like that. If you make specific plans, you’re more likely to commit to them and not back out at the last minute. Use your first evening to its fullest potential. One night of the weekend saved, just like that.

Don’t worry, just thank me later. 

4. Get tedious tasks done through the week, so it frees up time for leisure during the weekend. If you can, get bits and pieces of tasks done (cleaning up, typical chores, etc), so that you don’t have to do it later. As easy as it is to push things to the side waiting for later, shit piles up faaaaaast af when you wait for later. Don’t wait. Just do it through the week. Your mind, body, and soul will do nothing but thank you. I promise.

5. Spice up your Sunday. Though this is when you’re getting ready to tackle the start of the week, switch things up a bit. Instead of gathering all your stuff on Sunday, gather everything way ahead of time (preferably during the week). Just make the weekdays your shittiest, so the weekend can be the greatest… basically. Make Sunday a day where you casually ease into the new week without dread. The same leisure you had going into the weekend, is the same leisure you should have starting the week. Don’t make starting the new week something strenuous and sucky.

To making the weekend last like a G without breaking a single sweat, cheers xx.



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Photos by Julia Elizabeth

weekend last

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