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It’s finally Thursday night, one more day till the big meet.

You’ve known about it for at least a week, but didn’t expect the day to come so soon.

You’re finally going to meet your SO’s parents and you’re either scared shitless or as prepared as can be.

If you’re like me, you’re scared shitless and are trying to figure out someway to feel prepared… Hell get prepared even.

No need to fret though! If you’re also like me, then finding the right outfit to meet your SO’s parents will do wonders to boost your confidence about the introductions and relax your mind overall.

Here are just a few tips, based off my personal experience that may make finding the “meet the family outfit”, either within or outside of your wardrobe, that much easier:

SO's parents

SO's parents

SO's parents

COMFORT: I can’t stress this enough. You can’t be your true self while meeting your SO’s parents, if you’re uncomfortable. It’s the first meeting, so you want to look extra great. You decide on something from your closet you’ve either never worn before, or snag something from the shops you’re not 100% sure of. This is a mistake babes! Trust me. More than likely you’ll be so focused on how uncomfortable you feel, it’ll be sooo obvious you’re not present in conversation. Sticking to something you’ve worn a thousand times (just probably switch it up a bit, so it doesn’t look incredibly familiar to you), would serve you much better than choosing to wear something unfamiliar and new. For me, my comfort zone is a dress. For you, it may be pants. As babes, we’re at our most relaxed self when we’re in something we know we can move in; laugh in; and hug someone in. Who the hell has time to constantly readjust or pull down anyway?! Surely not I.

SOLIDS: Sticking to tones that are solid in appearance and in pattern are the best way to go, in this situation. His parents want to meet YOU, get to know YOU. They didn’t sign up to meet all the abstract colors on your fave blouse from Zara or the distracting neon of your fave pants from Forever. This includes accessories as well. I know you want to standout and be memorable to them, but there is a such thing as being negatively memorable. You def don’t want to fall at the back end of their thoughts because of a color choice, or three! Keeping your look neutral, essentially solid in tone is best. Doing so makes it easier for the parentals to focus on you and not everything else going on around you. Or on you. 

BE YOURSELF: This ultimately drives it all home. Your SO fell in love with you for you and wants you to meet his parents. You know what that means right?! He wants his parents to get to know exactly why and how he fell in love with you. He most likely knows that why he loves you is the same reason that his parents will learn to love you too. So just be yourself. I know it sounds so cliche and seems like a no brainer, but doing so can be a bit tricky when you’re nervous. Relax babe! Everything’s going to be just fine.

SO's parents

SO's parents

SO's parents

SO's parents

& that’s that babes! I hope if you’re one of the lucky ones, taking your relationship to the next level by meeting your SO’s parents — you feel a lot more secure. Everything’s going to be just fine! Refer to my tips and consider your particular circumstance and you’ll be okay. For you babes that have yet to meet your SO’s parents, I hope this post makes you feel a bit more prepared to when the time comes.

Also, quick update on the movie I chatted about in my last post, Beauty and the Beast. It was sooo good. the details, the graphics… so breathtaking. It was so nicely done and I felt like I was stepping into the movie at every turn.

So basically my childhood self now wants to squeeze the life out of Emma Watson for killing the role of Belle.

Is there anything that woman can’t do? Probs not.

Anywhoo. Don’t forget to check out the links below to shop this look if you were super into it for meeting the family, date night, or any occasion.

Talk soon babes,

Thelms xx


Coat: FOREVER 21

Dress: FOREVER 21



Photos by Julia Elizabeth

SO's parents


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