belted waterfall coat

Brrr. It’s cold y’all!

Since Christmas, the weather has been dropping steadily. No more is the light cute cold around, but a disrespectful chill your bones cold has taken its place instead. This has caused me to reach for my favorite belted waterfall coat more often.

Ever since purchasing this coat last winter, it has been my go to for all things cold weather.

For starters,

it’s comfy

it’s versatile

it’s belted, and so dang cute. 

Needless to say, I can’t get enough of it.

SO, keep reading for my in depth review of my spotlight on this belted waterfall coat + deets on my look.

belted waterfall coat

belted waterfall coat

belted waterfall coat

So, this look.

As mentioned previously, I can’t get enough of this belted waterfall coat.

It’s plush enough that it provides the perfect amount of warmth when I have it on. So much so, that no matter how cold it is outside — I don’t feel a thing. It’s as if I have on the furriest of chinchilla coats made for Antarctica type weather.

Guys, I’m not over exaggerating either. In my opinion, for the price it’s that good.

With the appropriate layering, you babes can brave any level of chill attempting to settle itself in your bones.

I also love the fact that you can decide to wear it slouchy or fitted. The belt provides the ultimate fit dependent of course on your level of adjustment.

For me, when it’s super cold outside, I like to belt the coat. However, when the weather is a bit more flexible — I like to slouch the coat (as pictured).

In addition to the fit, the color of the coat is everything to me because it appeals to my love of minimalism. This tone is so universal which allows it to be paired with practically any color.

With so many to die for qualities about the coat, it’s a no brainer that I just had to put a bit of spotlight on it.


I finished off the look with black denim with rips at the knees, my latest fave heels from Missguided because YAS.

Side note: aren’t these heels eveeeeeerything. I love a good strappy heel because they make my feet look so yummy.

Of course my OG Aldo bag was my final accessory.


belted waterfall coat

belted waterfall coat

belted waterfall coat

belted waterfall coat

After putting the spotlight on my favorite belted waterfall coat, it makes me wonder about what some of you babes’ spotlights might be on within your own wardrobes.

Share with me in the comments below!

Ttyl love bugs.

Thelms xx

belted waterfall coat

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