pant suit

Let’s jump straight into some fashion talk, shall we? Pant suit with a twist edition.

You guys, I’m a huge fan of pant suits.

I think I always have been.

The way that they transform a woman into looking so polished and pristine, tickles my fashion insides. I mean, when you see a babe in a pantsuit you just know she means business. As a young child, I can remember seeing my mom dawn hers and know that she was about to make some mega boss babe moves that day. Trust me when I say, she always did. Although dawning a pant suit back in her day consisted of two things particularly.

1) The pant part of the suit was only ever wide leg (nowadays they can be whatever your heart desires. e.g. close fit, wide leg, short even, or anything non-traditional)  


2) Women wearing suits was thought to be manly and not very feminine.

These days however, the above sentiments couldn’t be further from the truth.

pant suit

pant suit

pant suit

pant suit

In honor of my love for the new age pant suits of this era, I decided to put a twist on the traditional pant suit and make it my own.

From the decision to swap out traditional pants for these non-traditional ones to the sleek barely there heels from Missguided — the look as a whole is so killa.

Though, rocking this look later that day got me disapproving stares from PTA moms around my city. If I had to guess, the pants or lack thereof was their least favorite part! HA. The funny thing is that whenever I wear the pants, I get one of two looks,

1) Disapproving “does your mom know you walked out of the house with those on” mom stare, or 2) Eyebrow raised “she’s so bold, those look killer on her” stare.

I usually prefer the latter, but what’s life if we always get what we prefer.

Regardless, I couldn’t help but strut harder even when I got the disapproving stares. Simply because like my mom, I was about to make some major boss babe moves and look killer while doing so.


pant suit

pant suit

pant suit

pant suit

So babes, are you feelin’ it?

I am now off to make responsible boss babe moves and get to studying and sticking my head so far into my book. T- minus two weeks until the end of summer school.

Be back on when I decide to finally come up for some air.

Thelms xx


Blazer: FOREVER 21 (linked similar)


Pants: CHARLOTTE RUSSE (linked similar)


Photos by Julia Elizabeth

pant suit


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    August 3, 2017 at 6:23 am

    Get it boss babe! You look 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    • Reply
      August 3, 2017 at 12:20 pm

      Why thank you girly! <3

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