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importance of loving yourself

In order to love someone else, you must first learn to love yourself.

I’m sure in someway, shape, or form we’ve all heard this statement time and time again. I mean, growing up, that’s all I ever heard. Childishly, I always figured it didn’t really mean anything because I knew I loved my mom; my dad; my family, but I wasn’t always so sure what it meant to love myself. As I entered into my teen years, life’s experiences got in the way and the negativity of my peers took center stage.

Kids were cruel, and at a young age (being oh so impressionable) I began to second guess who I was and the simple importance of me.

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Life Style


It’s finally here.

The week us college students have anxiously dreaded rolling around, and the week we get eager about diving into. IT’S FINALS WEEK. At least it is for me. If you’re in school like muah, you’re either in the same predicament as me and it’s here or it’s well on its way.

Personally, I don’t dread finals as most people do. Not sure how, when, or why but somewhere along the way my viewpoint on finals week changed. It’s stopped being this looming doom that settled into my bones and eventually dissipated. Somewhere along the way it became something I looked forward to.

Weird, right? Trust me, I know.

I guess I just started welcoming the stress and focusing more on the fact that the end was near, rather than the doom of a bunch of tests hitting me in the fucking face (sorry Mom!) in less than five days LOL.

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Life My Words Style


With Love, Thelms

Hola babes! I’m back again with another new post. Whoop whoop!

Am I on a roll OR WHAT? 

Ever since re-familiarizing myself with what inspires me, I’ve had an eagerness to be back on the blog posting and chatting with you guys constantly. It makes me feel so good to know that a lack of inspiration happens to the best of us, but as long as we find it again; everything will be okay.

So in finding that inspiration, it’s made me reevaluate my thoughts about the direction I want to go in with, With Love, Thelms and why I started it in the first place.

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making casual chic

What up baby loves! Told you guys I wouldn’t be gone for as long as I was before. Okay so quick Monday update before I jump into some much needed, stress relieving fashion talk.

So today, although productive seemed to go on foreveeeeeer. I mean, I don’t know. It might be because I DIDN’T go to sleep last night, but who’s keeping track?!

‘your eyes, body, soul, and everything else Thelms. That’s who’s keeping track’ 

I felt myself throughout the day, closing my eyes for just a second and remembering how soft and smooth my blanket is, the fluffiness of my favorite Target pillow, and the exact tone in which Sleeping At Last (the irony is not lost on me at all) lures me to sleep each night.

My eyes are barely staying open just thinking about it. But first priorities!

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soft & delicate

Long time, no freaking talk.

Ok. I’ve legit missed you babes! Besides being submerged with school, it’s been really hard to keep up with the blog. Mostly because I just haven’t been super inspired for the past few weeks.

I’ve hated that.

SO naturally, I stayed away. I’ve been getting so sucked in by my day-to-day activities that I haven’t let myself just breeeeeeeathe. As school has started to come to a close, in the past month I haven’t been creatively feeling it.

BUT. No more. In order to be my best self I realized that I have to allow time for me to get and be inspired.

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