You guys we’re only TWO DAYS away from Christmas! As it does each year, I feel like Christmas comes out of nowhere, but we are always more than happy to make its acquaintance.

After all, they don’t call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing!

Christmas is a beautiful time, where families get to come together and revel in happiness and good tidings. Families essentially eating, drinking, and overall just being merry throughout this time. The spiritual aspect of the holiday is not to be forgotten though. As a Christian myself, my family and I celebrate the spiritual aspect with the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Through this birth, Christ showed his great love for us by sending his only Son to be born, who would later become the Savior of our Sins.

Can I get an, Amen?! LOL.

With so much happiness and joy being projected into the world, I thought what better time to share ‘Florals in the Winter.’

I mean florals basically symbolize femininity first and foremost, with an additional light and mood lifting meaning behind it.

SO, keep reading for how I style my Florals in the Winter.





Who ever said you can only wear florals in the spring or summertime, doesn’t know fashion and doesn’t know me. I love breaking the rules when it comes to fashion. Sorry not sorry! I mean these days do fashion rules even exist anymore?

Hopefully not, because if they do I’m sure they’re getting broken all the time.

About this look.

I love florals during the winter months when done right. In my opinion, there’s something so unmistakably feminine about a woman in florals. You babes know how I feel about working some level of femininity into all of my looks, so obvi this one is no different. It just tickles my floral soul you guys. HA!

I originally snagged this dress as a potential outfit for my birthday last month, but figured at the last minute I wanted to make a different sort of statement. I knew this dress would serve me better paired with OTKs (over the knee boots), and a bit of Christmas chill.

As for florals, I believe they can be worn during anytime of the year. However, consideration needs to be made to ensure the right florals are being incorporated during the right months. For me, I like to save the loud shouting florals for warmer months and stick to the more muted tones during the winter. I find it easier to transition those muted floral tones into the falland winter months,better than the loud shouting ones.

With these OTKs (which happen to be my absolute favorites) paired with the look, there’s no way you can’t kick the cold on its ass and conquer the day!

Did I mention these very boots are ON SALE for a WHOPPING 50% OFF. You heard right babes, snag ’em while you still can below!

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That wraps up today’s Saturday post babes! I hope it inspires you to work florals in your wardrobe during the winter and break a couple more fashion rules in the future.

To breaking fashion rules, one floral print in the winter or a pair of white jeans after Labor Day at a time!

Laters babes,

Thelms xx

Photos by Tiffany King


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