My Words


It’s when there is no more disappointment, sadness, or anger. All you have left is indifference.

When your respect level for them has plummeted to a whopping 0%.

Everything they’ve ever told you becomes a realized lie, fallacy, or over exaggeration.

All the memories you once cherished become cracked chips in a stack of time, you do better off forgetting.

Making excuses for them, grow to be a futile and mute point.

Knowing time heals all wounds, but understanding no time will ever heal the wound of betrayal.

No longer feeling a thing when their name is mentioned, but instead becoming unmoved… hell unshaken at the thought of them.

Finally, coming to terms with the sentiments that eventually some leave and some stay, recognizing that their eventually has come today.

Ultimately realizing that those are the exact feelings of someone who’s had it up to here.

Not before someone asks you, to sum all those feelings up into a few words that are clear.

You ponder it for a second, not wanting to rush fate.

“I’ve had enough” you say simply.

Reveling in the final end of this torturous ache.



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