dinner date

Hi babes! I’m back in Houston after my much needed weekend getaway to Austin! I had so much fun being there and celebrating my good girlfriend Jules’ bachelorette party plus upcoming nuptials.

As you can imagine — I’m having serious, ‘take me back vibes’ that I can’t shake. At this point I’m not even sure I want to shake those vibes quite frankly. I’ll have more on this trip, all the shit I got into, and tons of photos up on the blog in a few days (get ready to LOL at all the drunken foolishness).

Until then, I’ll be attempting to remind myself that the weekend is over and I am still currently enrolled in school; drowning in exam reviews and outlines. Gah. 

What helps me get through it all is imagining everything I’m going to get into once I’m free of the chaos. Dinner dates are definitely something I’m looking forward to for one. For me, there’s just something so exciting about planning outfits, makeup, and all the works of what getting ready means for a woman.

dinner date

dinner date

Due to me looking like a hobo for the majority of the past couple weeks, I knew I wanted to wear something that didn’t take a lot of work to get on. Y’all know how I am about being comfortable, so that’s always the top priority in any outfit choosing situation. Plus, I always have to ease myself into looking like a human being again especially if I’ve gone so long without looking like one. I don’t like to do too much too fast.

Am I the only one that has to get used to looking cute again when I haven’t in ages?

I shot this look knowing this was going to be my go to look for my dinner date post summer school. It pretty much fit everything I was looking for!

The dress is so easy to slip on and doesn’t take a lot of work. I can wear it without a bra (though I chose to wear one in these shots — didn’t want to stop traffic and all, ya know) and the girls still look nice and perky. The material is flattering and extremely comfortable (mental check check).

It of course doesn’t hurt that it’s black which, as you babes have grown to realize is a double whammy for me (as in a HELL YES).

Finishing off the look in my Steve Madden block heels was a no brainer because I’m trying to easy myself into looking cute again, remember? Definitely had to pass on anything other than block heels.

dinner date

dinner date

dinner date

Now that I’ve had my feel of day dreaming about my dinner date and all the works, I’m back in school mode.

Will be back on in a couple of days, chatting about my weekend trip to Austin, so stay tuned for that babes.

Be back in a jiffy,

Thelms xx


Dress: FOREVER 21 


Photos by Julia Elizabeth
dinner date

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