Happy middle of the week lover gals!

After the craziness of the holidays, I’m back on the blog in a major way and want to jump straight into some fashion talk — geared towards channeling a fashion mega babe, Olivia Culpo!

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you know I channeled my inner Kim K a few posts ago and loved every second of it. Apparently, so did you guys because since doing so a few of you babes have asked me to keep it going by channeling another babe; who’s thread choices I respect.

It was a no brainer that the next babe I chose to channel would be Olivia Culpo.

A bit of backstory.

Back in July, I referred to Olivia Culpo as my Fashion Fairy Godmother.

In another life (or maybe in my dreams), Olivia Culpo IS my fashion fairy Godmother. Fairy Godmother put here on earth to send me fashion inspiration one hour at a time. I mean have you guys seen her instagram?! This babe’s instagram is dripping in all sorts of fabulous photos with her in even flyer threads. Whether she’s out on the street running to a possible coffee date with her gal pals or strutting down the runway at NYFW, Olivia’s always exuding incredible fashion. It’s so dang good that it makes me giddy with glee. So it should be no wonder I’d want to channel her this winter. She’s killing the game right now, but to be honest… She kills it year round.

SO, keep reading for how I’m Channeling My Inner Olivia Culpo For Less.

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo

About this look. 

When I first saw Olivia in the original look that inspired my replication, I instantly fell in love. I knew immediately that it was a look that would be easy to recreate, but also one I could tailor to my own liking.

In doing so, I decided to go with a more fitted button down to frame the look a lot more to my body. After all, I do have some serious girls hanging out up front and felt that using a baggy top underneath wouldn’t bode well for me particularly.

In addition to that, I decided to opt out of choosing a strapless dress with polka dots, and instead go with a houndstooth print. This is because polka dots do have the tendency to make one appear a bit wider than they actually are, and well… that’s no bueno.


To complete the look, I swapped out her white classic boots for strappy heeled sandals. Mostly because I’m an open toed shoe wearing type of gal and have always been under the impression that if I’m pretty covered up, up top I could do well with showing a little something down below.

You feel me?


Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo

After all this talk about Olivia Culpo being a fashion mega babe, are y’all in agreeance OR WHAT?

I sure hope so, but don’t get any crazy ideas babes. She can only be one babes’ Fashion Fairy Godmother and she’s mine LOL.

As for a life update as promised, my winter break is almost over and I’m kind of sad. I don’t think I’m quite ready to start up with school again and all the chaos that comes with it. On top of that, I’m moving and have to begin packing. Did I mention I hate packing. Ugh.

Besides all that, life’s good and I’m grateful to have made it to another new year.

Cheers to 2018 and cheers to the goodness that is Olivia Culpo’s fashion choices.

Thelms xx.

Photos by Tiffany King

Olivia Culpo

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