burgundy jumpsuit


So jumping straight into some fashion talk because I’m on a time crunch and have to finish reading a few (long) chapters for school. Life update next post?

When I first wore this burgundy jumpsuit, I can’t tell you how many times I was stopped with tons of compliments. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on this gem at Forever 21, that I had snagged something worthwhile.

I’m a jumpsuit kind of girl for many reasons. A few of them being,

1) Jumpsuits are an all in one, kind of deal. Throwing an outfit together is extremely easy with them because they don’t require much thought.

2) They make me look TALL. I love anything that makes my legs look longer and like more of an adult than what my face refuses to coincide with. I’m 5’5 exactly and have been for yeeeeeeears (since junior year of HS), so anything that might raise me up in height?! I am down for the cause.

3) Jumpsuits are always appropriate and insanely versatile. You can rock one to the beach, to dinner, to brunch, on a shopping excursion, basically anywhere your little heart desires. They’ll work for any and every occasion.

burgundy jumpsuit

burgundy jumpsuit

burgundy jumpsuit

So this particular look.

Like I said you guys, I knew this was a gem from the moment I saw it chilling on a hanger by its lonesome. As I swiftly buzzed my way through Forever 21, a shiny patent material caught my eye. No lie, it was off in a corner like a reject and I couldn’t believe it.

A burgundy jumpsuit, all alone?!

I picked it up and the material drew me in. The silk like material was so soft and it felt like putting it on was going to be extremely comfortable. Let’s not also forget that it was super chic as well. After trying it on and the three things I look for when shopping (comfy, chic, and minimalistic) a GO, I paid for it and headed out on my merry way.

It’s so perfect for fall and due to the versatility of jumpsuits, this one can be worked in often.

The cross strap detail and the patency of the material make it preferable however, for evening wear mostly.

I completed the look with my faves from Steve Madden. I love these heels because they’re blocks which make them super easy to wear for long periods of time. I also love them because whenever I don’t want to wear sky high heels these are a great stand in.

burgundy jumpsuit

burgundy jumpsuit

burgundy jumpsuit

burgundy jumpsuit

Into this burgundy jumpsuit babes?

I am now off to get back into school mode and finish reading all these dang chapters! Will come up for air in a few hours, till then I’ll be underground hibernating so to speak LOL.

Catch ya’ on the flip,

Thelms xx


Jumpsuit: FOREVER 21 (sold out, linked other options)


Photos by Tiffany King

burgundy jumpsuit

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